Meet the Playwright

Meet the Playwright is a curated script-development series showcasing local Queens theatre artists. As the landscape for the performing arts industry has changed, Meet the Playwright is an innovative way to workshop live theatre to the community of Southeast Queens and beyond. Conceived by JCAL Interim Artistic Director Courtney Ffrench, Meet the Playwright explores new plays by both emerging and established writers in 30-minute segments delivered online. Series curator Brenda Jones opens each segment by introducing and briefly speaking with the playwright live. This is followed by the streaming of a single pre-filmed scene from the play. The segment ends with a brief post-show Q&A, again conducted by Jones with the playwright. Two plays are featured in each event.

Meet the Playwright will also serve as a pilot project for a possible season of in-person staged readings at the Jamaica Performing Arts Center during JCAL’s 50th anniversary in 2022. Meet the Playwright 2021 is curated by Brenda Jones, editor-in-chief at Three-Legged Elephant Publishing, an independent book publisher. Jones also works with actors on the intricacies of script studies, character development and bringing written scripts to life. A long-time member of female empowerment organization, 4 Real Women International, Inc., she specializes in translating and teaching the intricacies of the workplace to women determined to invest in their own personal and professional growth.