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ARTWorks is a 10-month Fellowship focused on career sustainability for emerging, underrepresented visual artists in New York City; Queens-based artists receive priority.

ARTWorks Fellows receive practical knowledge to navigate the aesthetic and socioeconomic complexities and substructures of the New York art world. Through fiscal and technical support, two Resident Artists and four Seminar Fellows develop a creative vision and practice; expand their professional network through regular meetings and exploring diverse topics; and exhibit their work. All Fellows are eligible for free studio space; Resident Fellows receive priority.

A jury, led by the JCAL Artistic Director and ARTWorks Project Manager, will select six Fellows for the 2022 ARTWorks cohort:

Two (2) Resident Fellows, each awarded $7,500, who receive priority access to JCAL studio/gallery spaces, and participate in seminars curated by the Project Manager, including topics that Resident Fellows request. At the culmination of the program, each Resident Fellow receives a curated 4-week solo exhibition in JCAL’s Miller Gallery and inclusion in the ARTWorks catalog.

Four (4) Seminar Fellows, each awarded $1,000, who receive access to JCAL studio/gallery spaces as available, and participate in seminars curated by the Project Manager, including topics that Seminar Fellows request. Seminar Fellows are invited to participate in a curated, 8-week group exhibition in JCAL’s Community Gallery and inclusion in the ARTWorks catalog.

During ARTWorks 2022, the Project Manager will meet monthly with each Fellow, and will curate at least six seminars, each with one or more guest speakers, including:

· established and emerging artists;

· curators, conservators, exhibition designers and researchers;

· MBAs, MFAs, CPAs, managers and agents;

· gallerists, collectors, academics and appraisers;

· journalists, editors and critics;

· observers, supporters and influencers in NYC contemporary visual arts.

Meet the 2019-2020 Fellows

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Cody Ann Herrmann
Patrice Robinson.webp
Patrice Robinson

Seminar Fellows

Alumni: 2018-2019

Past Guest Speakers & Visiting Artists: