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Tom Travers

MANHASSET COMICS (Work in Progress)

Sequential art and comic books have been a focal point of my personal art practice for many years. I discovered comic books when I was a middle school student and I have remained dedicated to this art form ever since. In my own comic book work, I seek first and foremost to tell a specific story with clarity. In addition to clear storytelling, I am interested in bringing a sense of energy, dynamism, drama and excitement to the sequential pages that I draw. I also seek to work at the highest level of draftsmanship possible for me at any given time. I believe that comics are a storytelling/artistic medium that offers limitless potential for creativity.


For this specific comic story I have chosen to focus on my hometown, Manhasset. My goal is to condense a great deal of history related to Manhasset, both general and personal, into a short comics story. I intend to communicate the greater history of the town and how myself and my family are a part of that. The story includes historical facts about the town, prominent locations and people associated with the town and my family’s Manhasset story. This work will offer some observations about what it means to be part of a community and how communities change throughout history.

Tom Travers: I am a Long Island based artist and educator. I have a particular interest in comic book art, animation and cartooning. Drawing is at the center of my art practice. I am generally inspired by works that feature structured, energetic, dynamic drawing and I seek to infuse my own works with these elements. I love teaching and working with kids. Comics, cartooning and animation are great mediums/genres for engaging young students and potentially sparking an interest in drawing and art making.

Manhasset Comics (Work in Progress), 2020. 

Pencil on smooth bristol board, 8.5"x11" 

All images courtesy of the artist.


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