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The CASA program, cultural after school activities, allows JCAL to service various schools in Southeast, Queens through designations allocated by NYC Council Members. Through CASA, students participate in high quality artistic enrichment programs such as drawing & painting, mural making, modern dance, ballet, jazz & hip-hop, creative drama, improvisation, and musical theater. Schools choose disciples based on school needs and in consultation with JCAL. Each residency lasts approximately 12 weeks, with 2 classes taught weekly after school.


In addition to participating in art-making through many disciplines, our CASA program also seeks to develop the social-emotional learning skills of all our students through growth mindset, self-management, positive identity building, a sense of belonging, problem solving, and social skill building.


JCAL has worked with 12 schools through CASA. Current and past schools in Queens include PS 82, 86, 182, 33, 35, 36, 37, 43, 15, 136, MS 216, and MAST High School.