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Ivana Ng

My works are a reflection of my upbringing in Flushing, Queens within a multicultural family and community. Incorporating paintings, photos, and documents, I collected various elements telling the stories of my parents coming to the United States and finding a home in Flushing. Having grown up in Flushing, my environment has found its way into my works as I juxtapose natural and man made materials much like Flushing’s mix of densely populated areas situated next to open and seemingly isolated spaces of nature.

Who are we? is a collage of writings, photos, and paintings I compiled documenting family members once undocumented, some of them also shown in Home. In both works, the privacy and importance and of their faces and stories come forward and fall behind bits of identity. Representing my parents’ home cities are works Detached and Casa di Mia Mamma. As Rooting depicts my hometown, Flushing and maps personal points of importance, Attached is the home I grew up in. Connecting myself to these people and spaces, I incorporated various natural materials collected over time from meaningful moments in life.



Ivana Ng grew up in Flushing, Queens which has set the backdrop of many of her artworks. Having completed her BFA in Fine Arts at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Ivana continues her studies at Queens College in the MAT program for Art Education. Currently teaching art to middle school students, she also continues to pursue her art career showing work in the New York City area.

Who are we?, 2020. 

Acrylic paint, transparency film, 26"x11"

Home, 2020.

 Acrylic paint, paper mache, transparency film, mixed media; 12"x9"

Detached, 2020.

Acrylic paint, transparency film, mixed media; 13"x11.5"

Casa di Mia Mama, 2020.

Acrylic paint, transparency film, mixed media; 11"x8.5" 

Rooted, 2020.

Acrylic paint, transparency film, mixed media; 11"x8.5"

Attached, 2020.

Acrylic paint, paper mache, transparency film, mixed media; 12"x11" 

All images courtesy of the artist.

(718) 658-7400


161-04 Jamaica Ave,
Jamaica, NY 11432, USA


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