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Assistant Curator, Queer Caribbeans of NYC

Kadeem Robinson (they/them/he/him) is a Jamaican immigrant, writer, and public servant. Robinson developed a passion for social justice and advocacy upon witnessing violence against women and homophobia growing up in rural Jamaica. At 14, following a slew of homophobic incidents, they committed themselves to studying and learning as much as they can to alleviate interlocking structures of oppression.

Robinson emigrated to the New York City at age 16, and attended John Jay College where he studied Humanities and Justice Studies and Theatre Arts. Through the Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship, the John Jay-Vera Fellows Program and the Urban Fellows Program, Robinson followed a path of advocacy through public service, government and direct service. They have pursued opportunities and have worked in Wellington, New Zealand, and Ningbo, China. Robinson currently works in local government as the LGBTQ Outreach Coordinator and Policy Associate to the Public Advocate of New York City, and joins the Caribbean Equality Project as the Secretary.



Throughout their time at the Caribbean Equality Project, Kadeem has conducted tabling, and is the co-curator for Queer Caribbeans of NYC, the first multimedia retrospective exploration of the racial and cultural intersections of LGBTQ Caribbean advocacy.

Robinson is constantly exploring ways in which resiliency can overcome trauma, particularly through public policy and art, and hopes to contribute as much as possible to his LGBT Caribbean Community. Kadeem also is currently developing Queeribbean NYC, a virtual platform providing a space for Queer Caribbean folks to commune through art, academia and fashion. He will co-launch the podcast "Stush an' Bush", a Queeribbean podcast on Caribbean happeningsand overall "mix-up and blend blend", with a queer twist.

In his downtime, Robinson dances to various genres of music, and is always searching for safe spaces to live his night owl escapades.

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