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Founder, Gay Caribbean USA Pageant

Marlon Gervis (he/him/his) is the founder of the Gay Caribbean USA Pageant based in New York. Gervis migrated from St. Lucia to Brooklyn, New York in 1996, bringing his passion and experience in stage hosting, event production and acting with him. After pursuing an education, he launched the Gay Caribbean USA Pageant (2009-2016).

This pageant ran for eight years, with an aim to bridge the gap of understanding and promote tolerance between the gay and heterosexual Caribbean-American communities. The aim of the pageant was of extreme importance at the time, given the known fact that persons of gay sexual orientation from the Caribbean usually face grave discrimination. During its run, the pageant featured representatives from various Caribbean islands. The delegates were either based in the USA or traveled from the islands to participate. The inauguration of the pageant gained lots of media attention, which fueled needed and meaningful discussions on the acceptance and dynamics of the gay lifestyle.



While having acted in stage plays written by St. Lucian Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott and the acclaimed Francisco Arrivi, Gervis has also staged the glorious revival of his adaptation to the plays “Letter from Leonora” and “Zingay”. The staging of those plays on the New Yorkstage has helped bring Caribbean cultural theater to the international platform, thereby reconnecting persons of the diaspora to their culture.

Gervis has also gained a name for himself, in creating events that continue to bring together people from various sexual orientations; thereby, fostering unity and mutual understanding. Some of his most popular events include a Summer Party Boat Ride in 2006, an annual New Year’s Gala and various bus trips.

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