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Jamaican Activist-Centric Drag Queen

Detoxx Bústi-ae is a native of Jamaica who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, and is one of the few Jamaican Drag entertainers currently living in the melting pot of the world. Bústi-ae goes by the pronouns of she/her when in drag, and he/him when out of drag as Steven Rose. She has been a drag entertainer for 10+ years, and brings her unique style of being an “NYC Drag Queen with a Jamaican twist,” around the world. As an emerging entrepreneur, Bústi-ae merged her passion for art, fashion and drag to found Detoxx Creations, where she produces one of a kind carnival costumes, custom press on nails and lashes for drag queens. Bústi-ae is an avid volunteer with the Caribbean Equality Project and enjoys using his/her platform to promote self-love and acceptance within the Caribbean LGBTQ+ community.

In 2017, Detoxx Bústi-ae won the Queens Pride Drag Race Queenie Award. She was recognized for marching with the Caribbean Equality Project’s "Prideful Mosaic: LGBTQ People of the Caribbean" contingent in the 25th Anniversary of the Queens Pride Parade, showcasing a fabulous carnival costume made by EnJ Productions.



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161-04 Jamaica Ave,
Jamaica, NY 11432, USA


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