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I approach my concept, my subject, my material in layers, offering an appealing surface, which barely obscures a core of often poignant truths. Oscillating between attraction and repulsion, between Orient and Occident, I ask the viewer to confront the personal, communal, and universal experiences of loss-gain, endurance, and healing-growing. My performances draw upon intercultural and community participation and evolve in the video format. With installation projects, I utilize natural materials such as human hair and rice to explore layers of feeling and subtle transformations of space. My objects and paintings involve dualities, particularly the opposing and interposing of bold and soft lines, colors, and surfaces.


My practice aims to encourage in the audience a range of emotions, alternately, visceral and contemplative. A scream is followed by dulcet tones; then laughter, tears, and silence: after which, one is brought a little closer to the ambivalent heart of humanity’s inexorable social drama.

Covid Karaoke

SKU: 21554345656
  • Monoprint, acrylic, collage on paper

    Dimensions - 11 x 7.5 inches


    Year Created 2020



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