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I am interested in the way pictures form over time, how shadows change shape as leaves blow in the wind, and how we account for the experiential phenomena of such events. I gather source material through extended studies of specific places and chance encounters with forms of dynamic light filtration, such as the alpenglow effect or light and shadows cast upon a sidewalk. From the initial experience of viewing filtered light, I rely on a process of direct tracing and memory to construct artworks. Through a synesthetic lens, I draw  upon a foundation in ballet and studies of alternative photography, the Support/Surface movement, plein air painting, and textile craft. The artworks serve as poetic reminders that paying attention to the space around us is rewarding and critical for understanding our natural reality. 


  • Cynotype Solution on paper

    Year Created - 2019


    Dimensions 15 x 11 inches


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161-04 Jamaica Ave,
Jamaica, NY 11432, USA


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