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Meet MMDF Performer Dolly Sfeir

With Making Moves Dance Festival 2020 just a couple of weeks away, we're excited to showcase the many talented artists in the lineup. Among those artists is the immensely gifted Dolly Sfeir. The Lebanon native moved to the U.S at age 18 where she was awarded a College of the Arts Scholarship from CSU Long Beach. After receiving her BFA in Dance, she took her talents to NYC. She has since received a creative residency with Jacob's Pillow, Abingdon Theater Company, as well as two residences with Mare Nostrum as part of their Emergent Choreographers Series. Her work “hi are you like me” won the Grand Prize at the 2019 McCallum Theater Choreography Festival. Sfeir’s work has been presented at numerous stages in NYC and California such as Alvin Ailey City Theater, Diavolo Theater, Laguardia Performing Arts Center, and Actor's Fund, and was part of several festivals such as Dance Gallery Festival, Nuvu Festival, Awakenings and Beginnings, and Bridge for Dance.

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1. What inspired you to commit to being an artist? How did you choose dance as your art-form? Our audience would love to hear about moments that you can pinpoint that influenced you to pursue dance as a career.

I find art to be the closest medium to humanness and instinct. I was introduced to dance by my aunt, at a very young age in Lebanon where I grew up , and my constant hunger for the creative process brought me to navigate through life with choreography and directing. Storytelling is absolutely thrilling to me.

2. Regarding your upcoming performance, what are some special elements of your work that you'd like to share with us?

This work is a roller coaster of shifting environments. Reality is stretched and morphed in its dream world. I focused on curating fantastical, cinematic worlds to play within.

3. What offers you inspiration for your work? What are the things in your "universe" that give you motivation to make your work?

Humanness forms the basis of my inspiration. I observe human tendencies and delve into people's stories, their inner workings and outer experiences. The prospect of connecting these stories with an audience drives my process. Music is my grandest love, and my most important building block.

4. What are your goals and aspirations going forward as a dancer; an artist?

I strive to tell cinematic stories through movement, theatricality and visual design, to connect to my audience in a most profound manner. I'd like to start exploring directing in more ways, whether for film, plays, musicals or grand immersive projects.

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