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Meet Your New Wellness Teacher #JcalPopUpClass

Now more than ever, it is of utmost importance to monitor your physical and mental health. Starting this Saturday, Kyarra Vilfort will help you do just that. Kyarra has been a nutritionist for two years and a dance instructor for over ten. She has her Bachelor's Degree in Health and Nutrition Science from Brooklyn College. She loves to teach and help people feel good inside and out. We asked her a few questions below. Check out her interview and tune in to our Youtube on Saturday at 10am for her Pop Up Class!

JCAL Youtube:

1. How did you get into your art? What were some of your earliest influences?

I got into the art of dancing as a little girl. My family is from the Caribbean, so dancng has been apart of my culture since birth.

Some of my early influences consisted of watching and learning new choreography from music videos, parties and dance instructor.

2. What are some things that make you unique/define you as an artist?

As an artist making people feel good about themselves and helping them to learn something they never expected they could do is what defines me as an artist.

3. What advice would you have for a young creative looking to take a similar path?

Know what you want, go after it and have the most fun you can ever have doing what you love. Enjoy every moment with no regrets. You are only in competition with yourself and no one else.

4. What do you hope to accomplish through your art going forward?

I hope to increase self confidence and self love through dance no matter how old someone may be.

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