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4 Questions with JCAL Teaching Artist Caroline Gombe

At Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, our teaching artists have shifted to an online model as we remain committed to providing quality art and education programs to the community. Like our other educators, Caroline Gombe has been a key addition to our JCAL Pop Up Classes.

Caroline Gombé is a NY actress, dancer and singer with credits in theatre, film and TV. She holds an MA in acting performing techniques, she is a certified acting teacher in NY State and an experienced teaching artist. Ahead of week 4 of her Drama class, we asked her a few questions about her acting goals and inspirations. Tune in to Drama with Caroline Gombe today at 4!

1. How did you get into your art? What were some of your earliest influences?

When i was a child i used to go to the cinema with my grandmother at least once a week since i was 3 or 4 years old. I was fascinated with that magic world on the screen. When i found out those people are actually actors and that is a profession i never wanted to be anything else.

Probably my earliest and certainly the biggest influence was and still is Charlie Chaplin.

2. What are some things that make you unique/define you as an artist?

I believe art is a universal language. It's one of the things that brings us together no matter what language we speak or what are background is. I believe in the power of education through art and specifically through performing arts. I believe acting allows children to find a way to express themselves, get in touch with and start to understand their emotional life and learn to enjoy being part of a group.

3. What advice would you have for a young creative looking to take a similar path?

Get training - it's the only thing that makes you in charge of your own craft. If you decide to turn your passion/hobby into a profession make sure you learn about the business you are going to. Be patient, a career in acting takes time

and stamina. Be open, let yourself be challenged, not discouraged. Support your peers and the art community. You will certainly learn from their experience. And never (never, never, never) give up. Think positive, know your path is unique and you’re the only one walking on it.

4. What do you hope to accomplish through your art going forward?

I want acting and performing arts to become accessible and acceptable in all communities.

I want my stories and characters I play to teach people about the beauty of diversity and shared human experience.

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