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Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (JCAL) proudly presents MOODS AND EXPRESSIONS, A Caribbean Sensation that celebrates Caribbean artists living in metropolitan, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, with some of whom were seen in the documentary film “Plight Of The Caribbean Artists.”


The MOODS AND EXPRESSIONS exhibition includes paintings, mixed media works and sculptures by Jean Dominique Volcy, Nigel Pierre, Patricia Brintle, Lennox Warner, Ava Tomlinson, Stanwyck Cromwell, David Wilson, and Carlton D. Murrell.


“Each of the eight artists approaches the theme in his/her own way, but with a common spirit of nostalgia-----borrowing feelings and ideas of Afro-Caribbean life styles and culture, be it 2 or 3 dimensional,” This exhibition curator Carlton D. Murrell states, “It is my hope that our viewing audience would find as much joy and possibly healing of sort from this beautiful art display as I have as curator, working with these highly professional artists. We encourage questions, possibly plans for purchasing works as seen here in this very wonderful display.”

Artists Registry

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