Artist Registry

JCAL Artist Registry is an online catalog of digital images documenting the work of artists who are not affiliated with a commercial gallery or other forms of formal representation in New York City. In order to be considered for the registry, one must submit work digitally via this website. Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Featured Artists

Grace Chen_Twinkie.webp



Grace Chen (b. 1990) is a Taiwanese-American ceramic sculptor. She created her first pinch pot in kindergarten, but it was not until her second year at university that she began working with clay again—this time, from a non-functional perspective.

Hsiao Chemin_JourneyWestContinues.webp

Isolated Indoors
Acrylic and Watercolor

As a painter, I want to capture the personal emotions toward assignments, subjects or atmosphere, via the elusive connections from my memories. It could be simply a tree kangaroo curling up on the tree, or a mysterious basketball court...

Melhado Paul_Meadow_Lake.webp

Meadow Lake
Analog Photography

As an artist I strive to produce work that is deeply personal and visually engaging. My photographs are all considered landscapes. The landscape to me is not a place but an idea, a representation of spaces and form from a specific point of view. 

Reza Tawanda.webp

Mixed Media Painting & Prints

I use art as a way to communicate with different people around the globe. For me art is like a way to unite with people of different races which god gave us. That idea to love each other as people.

Toinon Veronique.webp


I am interested in communicating the character of an experience where feeling, memory, sight, smell and touch all play a part. The evocation must translate into an emotional bond, a sense of belonging and conduce to a common ground and reach out.