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Yinshi Huang


Levittown was built for the returning veterans from WWII. Therefore, I am going to use Levittown Veterans Memorial Park and old photo of Levittown as my sources. Also, in our community, animals are very important. First, we have a lot of wild brown bunnies in our town. They live in residents’ back yard and front yard. Most of residents have dogs and have good size of back yards. If I walk around in my town, most of the time I can see the brown wild bunnies and people who walk their dogs. Moreover, we have a lot of stray cats in our town. Some residents build small houses in the front porch for stray cats and feed them. A group of people from Levittown go around and trap stray cats and bring them to animal hospital to get neuter and vaccine. I will create a series of sculptures of dog and cats. Residents in my town usually dress up all the time. Men will wear suits and women will wear dresses and put make up on. So, I am going to make a sculpture of a dog with suit. He is going to wear WWII fashion suit. I will use German shepherd for the sculpture because they are police dogs and they served in WWII. I will create cat sculpture with WWII female fashion as well. Then, I will place my sculptures in the Levittown Veterans Memorial Park by using Photoshop. My final piece of artwork is going to be images created by Photoshop. I am trying to combine the history of Levittown with the modern community of Levittown. Also, honor veterans who served for this country. Because of their services, we can live in a beautiful and peaceful town. 

Yinshi Huang is a graphic designer and art educator from Levittown, Long Island. Went New York City College of technology for Bachelor degree, and studied Communication Design. Currently studies Master of Art Education in Queens College.

Dog with Suit, 2020. Digital collage

Cat with Dress, 2020. Digital collage

Dog with Bunny, 2020. Digital collage

Cat at Veterans Memorial Park, 2020. Digital collage

Spring, 2020.

Digital collage

Dog and Cat Sculpture, 2020. Polymer clay, 3.75”x1.5”x1” (2)

All images courtesy of the artist.


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