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Taylor Foerster


I want to make sure that the work I make has a direct connection to me as a human being and the memories and moments in my life that I hold dear. I want to make art that is representative of who I am and where I’ve been. When I
think about community and culture in relation to my own self, I think about growing up on Long Island. I don’t really know much about my family's history regarding leaving Europe and coming to the United States because we’ve been in New York for a few generations now. Maybe one day, I can dive deeper into researching that history, but my culture, my story, comes from being a New Yorker. Throughout my entire life, I have always taken an interest in learning about the variety of people and cultures on our planet. I’m so lucky to live in New York...I could create artwork that tells stories about all of the diverse people I’ve encountered in my life, in and outside of New York City, and share their lives, cultures and interests, but I wanted to work on something for myself.


When I think of my community, it is the people that have been the closest to me for the longest amount of time. When I think of the people closest to me, I think: Where have I spent most of my life, and with whom? Where did my most important and prominent moments and memories happen throughout my life? I thought of all of the houses that I’ve lived in around Suffolk County. I feel like they tell the story of my life and the people in my life, my community, my family. I’ve created multiple drawings on paper, each representing a house/home that I’ve lived in at some point in my life. These houses include my childhood home, my mother’s current home, my father’s current home, my boyfriend’s mother’s home, and the house that I live in currently with my boyfriend. These works are illustrations that encompass the way in which these homes feel to me and who I was at the time when I lived in them. I’m digging back in time, depicting and representing the people that lived there with me while I was in each home. I primarily focus on light, shadow, and texture, to symbolize the rawness of the memories that I cherish so fondly from within each of these homes. These houses are important to me because they represent my closest family, my story of growing up on Long Island, and my most important memories.

Taylor Foerster is an artist and art educator from Long Island, New York. She enjoys challenging herself in a variety of media in order to become a more well-rounded artist and teacher. Taylor primarily creates 2D drawings and watercolor
paintings related to her travels, nature, and the human body. She is currently finishing up her MAT in Art Education K-12 at Queens College, and is a Middle School Art Teacher on Long Island. She has also worked with programs such as
Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts and The Guggenheim Museum's "Learning Through Art" program. She believes that when students are exposed to the visual arts, they are able to develop extraordinary life skills that can be enhanced
through creative decision-making, critical thinking, problem solving, patience, and determination. She loves to see each student's wonderful, unique interpretations of artistic concepts, lessons, and techniques.

Jay Lane, 2020. 

Graphite on paper, 6"x8"

Glen Summer Road, 2020. 

Graphite on paper, 6"x8"

Don Street, 2020. 

Graphite on paper, 6"x8"

North Quarter Road, 2020. 

Graphite on paper, 6"x8"

Long Acre Court, 2020. 

Graphite on paper, 6"x8"

Architectural drawings by Rudy Foerster (My Dad) (1) 

Ink on paper, 18"x24"

Architectural Drawings by Rudy Foerster (My Dad) (2)

Ink on paper, 18"x24"

All images courtesy of the artist.


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