Wise, Vincent

June 15, 2017, 4:00:00 AM


As an artist, I’m inspired to speak for an ancient people, whom have seemed to have historically been denied access to the opportunity of having a voice. My work is embedded in the experience of African American mythology, dialects, mannerisms, and harsh truths. Having been raised in Jamaica Queens, during the drug crazed 1980s; I’ve witnessed both the brutality and beauty of a people, whom are relentlessly pushing forward to brighter pages. Though my lineage is knee deep in Caribbean and southern dialects, the mixing bowl which produced me, has been filled to the brim with endless love, humanity, and the desire to survive.

My artwork is a reflection of that survival, whether showcasing the trustful glare of poised women standing before my camera, or the chaotic rage of one of my paintings, endurance is the key component of my craft.

Medium: Photography
Updated: 2017/06/15