Sung, Veron

November 4, 2016, 4:00:00 AM


Veron Sung is a Photo-based Cross-disciplinary Artist, founder of Veron Sung Studio who was educated in France and UK with scholarship and was named on the Faculty Dean’s Honours List. She then worked in London, Sydney, Auckland, Bali and now Hong Kong. Her works were exhibited and awarded numerously in Asia, Oceanic and Europe. She has photographed over 40 countries. She taught in universities and was employed by Kodak, Cosmopolitan and Bazaar international acclaimed magazines. She challenges the border of photography, examines the application of photography in different art forms/mediums, extends the showcase of photography and integrates photo appreciation into daily life activities. She immerses art into lifestyle. Her photos are beyond 2D and have practical function. There are wearable and useable photo works. Whoever and whenever encounter her, even just pass by, can see her work organically and hence become their daily lives too. Many cross-media photo-base artworks are created. They include a modern twist of hand-coloring photos, an intangible cultural heritage, which became photo crossover painting; Upcycled Vcyclescope Kaleidoscope for photo shooting; 3D fotomo; photo designed homeware, fashion, accessories, and photo sculpture, to name but a few.