Sun, C. Sara

February 28, 2020, 5:00:00 AM

video, drawing project, digital images

I am a multimedia artist. I started in design, a little bit of b/w Betacam and painting in the '80s; then, gradually incorporated video again in my installations and projections in the '90s when digital technologies became more accessible and affordable for personal use. In my work, mediums are interconnected like tree branches; what pulls them together is our multifaceted mind (concept, ideas, reflection) and creative process. I am moved by contradictions and the fragile and unpredictable nature of our daily life. While both have continually shaped the conceptual framework of my work, it is courage and hope in the human spirit and the inexplicable and unforeseeable truth and wisdom revealed through the process of artmaking, which continues to awaken my creative echo. ​My works have been included in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally since the late '80s.