Mohr, Dario

June 13, 2019, 4:00:00 AM

Interdisciplinary: Installation

A Sanctuary can inhabit many different spaces in our lives. The term is often associated with a religious or spiritual place of reverence, or shrines. Conversely, people can also take refuge in creature comforts and carnal vices that are not so uplifting. I create sanctuaries as a meditation on the positive and negative forces that one can serve, filtered through the lens of a millennial artist with various intersectional identities, and who is a product of American society. In order to create these experiences, assembled sentimental and personal objects were used, as well as original paintings and sculpture. There are also elements that appeal to the different senses, that my audience may engage with that come in the form of food, smells and sounds, contained in vessels often built into the works. I created these works for public display under low, intimate lighting to encourage my audience to reflect on the associations and memories that may come to mind while experiencing them, and consider for themselves if they are worthy of honor and devotion.

Title: Sketchbook