Marsh, Kyle

December 19, 2016, 5:00:00 AM

Dance, Movement, & Sound

My creative work is the body; how it moves and how it feels. I view dance as a vehicle for communication and am invested in creating work that emerges in response to the environments and cultural climates that surround me. As an artist I feel acutely aware of my role as a female in modern society. This sensibility has led me to create work that seeks to redefine and question the social and cultural roles of the body, identity, sexuality, and psyche. In this way I use my creative process as a means to develop compassion for the ideas and beliefs that feel outside of my own understanding of “how things SHOULD be.” As a creator I believe that the body holds within it an innate intelligence that is accessible through improvisation and movement. Utilizing this knowledge in the studio has heavily influenced the manner in which I direct dancers as a choreographer. I want the act of creation to feel like an act of survival perpetually asking dancers and collaborators to investigate this sense of danger and “action potential” alongside me. Working with specific movement phrases and improvisational structures to develop dance vocabulary and a sense of organization, I want our relationship as movers to feel primal and intimately connected to nature. My goal as an artist is to continually question my own process for thinking and creating.
Title: Kyle