Key, Michael

December 16, 2016, 5:00:00 AM

Positive Rap Music

My main objective is to educate, love, and inspire young and old people of all generations

Michael Deshawn Key aka Harmonie, was born January 24, 1973,in Manhattan, NY. He was raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY, and currently resides in Jamaica, Queens, NY. The name Harmonie stands for Having-Art-Rhythym-Music-Originality-Naturally-In-Essence and he has a new twelve-song positive rap album,”The World I Still Love”. All songs were written by Harmonie and all the tracks were produced by Lord I Till in the Bronx, NY. Harmonie has been rapping and writing songs for fifteen years. He has written over 800 songs in his lifetime and seven books; mainly poetry. His goal in the music industry is to give the young and old generation direction, correction and protection. His motto is that people must never make a permanent decision out of a temporary situation! His aim is to make positive rap albums, ghostwrite for other artists, perform all over the world, write poetry books and be a mentor to the young and old generations all over the world.