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Hsiao, Chemin



"Journey West Continues"

As a painter, I want to capture the personal emotions toward assignments, subjects or atmosphere, via the elusive connections from my memories. It could be simply a tree kangaroo curling up on the tree, or a mysterious basketball court I accidentally stepped into, as they trigger a lingering effect on my thoughts or memories. I aim for channeling such inner contents into paintings, and let myself be unconsciously revealed from the process. Seeking for such a silent moment when one could totally emerge into mindful actions and forget oneself, I would like to hear my inner voice truthfully this way.

Medium: Acrylic, Watercolor
Updated: 2016/11/27

Artistic Discipline & Preferred Media:

Acrylic, Watercolor

(718) 658-7400


161-04 Jamaica Ave,
Jamaica, NY 11432, USA


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