Choi Young Jin

June 27, 2019, 4:00:00 AM


I explore and experiment tactile desires and a sense of materiality in sculptural and installation forms, interested in my own narratives that are relevant to the surreal or apocalyptic future. Recently, I’m imagining the future where humans are extinct, and extraterrestrial life forms come to the Earth and excavate something as a fossil. Future life forms will evolve to adapt their new environments by fusing with organic or inorganic things such as different species, inanimate objects, and so forth and be excavated from apocalyptic cities and nature. These are the organisms of the future that have records of the past and are alive and dead at the same time. By fabricating these surreal or futuristic things with intriguing objects and materials and adding lots of details to them I want to create a unique experience, arousing haptic desires and a heightened sense of materiality that can only be experienced in the real, and not thoroughly captured through digital technology.
Title: UntitledJudy