Aldanondo, Susana

July 5, 2019, 4:00:00 AM

Acrylic, Gesso, Canvas.

I focus on Abstract Expressionism and Conceptual Art. Through my art, I express a deep connection to the immigrant identity and spirituality, appealing to deep feelings of connection to others while highlighting the strengths in others and the world around us.
I create art that connects us to each other, being a voice to social and environmental issues in a way that highlights hope and connection, while appealing to the things we can all relate to: music, passion, movement, the environment around us, our personal struggles, dreams, spirituality, individuality, joy, love.
My hope is that my art can help break down the barriers of language, creed, labels and stereotypes that want to divide us, and encourage equal treatment, empathy and inclusion.
I root for the underdog, the underrepresented, the oppressed, the impoverished, the needy, the homeless, the common person, for the right to find a voice, immigrants everywhere, refugees, those hoping to be given a chance, everyone out there going through life and trying to make it.
My motto is: our differences are beautiful, they make us unique, diversity is an undeniable strength to any society, there is common ground and art can be the place where we can all meet as a first step to recognize our strengths, our uniqueness, our undeniable equality, to encourage inclusion, and find the beauty of each other - and that gives me the most joy.