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Joan Myerson Shrager


Since March I have created at least one digital artwork daily. Out of that I have created flip books and presentations in the following categories:
1 BLACK LIVES MATTER, using images I have taken of the after school art program for high school students I have run for 15 years.
2 PANDEMIC ART JOURNAL primarily abstract expressionist work.
3. AN ARTIST'S VISUAL TORAH A religious exploration of the Torah through my art.
I find the process cathartic as it helps me unload the pain and hurt of these traumatic times. As an 81 year old professional artist, I welcome the digital medium that allows me to paint, draw and photograph on my computer using multiple art software programs and apps . GOOD TROUBLE was the joy and pain of losing John Lewis and experiencing the inspiring tributes paid to him. The DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION with its cross section of Americans featured gave me hope. MAIL DELIVERY is my response to watching the PostMaster General ooze Trumpian lies before congress while his Republican counterparts were making fools of the American people. I grew up in the 40's so I am well aware of the threat of authoritarianism and I fear for us all. I fight the good fight through my art. Hundreds of people get to see it on social media.

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