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Adama Nanguin Coulibaly

New York, NY

The path out of darkness is light, and mine is lit with color. I find comfort in vibrancy, and I crave the control found in geometric order. The contrast within my art is representative of a split in my life; difficult childhood years are the base layer of support for my more recent, positive experiences. The positive experiences only manifested after I found an outlet through creativity. My art is an autobiography. I hope it tells my story, but more importantly, that it brings a sense of calm to the viewer, like the process of creating it does for me.
Before moving to the United States -before arriving in NYC, with its vim and color — I was raised in the Ivory Coast where life was harsh. I had no control in my life. I suffered during conflict, and though the Ivory Coast is still a part of me, I shed a little bit of those memories through each celebration of color and order I create. As a child, I experienced great darkness. I was never able to relax, and so it was difficult to enjoy my childhood. Sometimes it felt like I was unable to breathe. INFINITE AMULET — just one example in a growing canon- expresses love, calm, and adventure, those aspects of life that were missing when I was a boy, and a reminder that I became a piece of color in the darkness.

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