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The Four Fingered Artist

New York City

The first piece focuses on police brutality, the George Floyd Situation, disability, romance, death, and oppression in America. I wanted to bring awareness while also not making people turn away from it. I wanted them to look it with all its colors as well as the horrors hidden within the piece. When I showed people the piece, they thought of a perfect world, a utopia. America is viewed like that around the world. The greatest place in the world. The land of the free while also supposedly granting equality to everyone.

Of course, this is not the case for certain groups of people. I used patterns along with other things to show these inequalities. The lesson is that we shouldn’t let all of this divide us. If we want to make a change, we have to come together. To stay silent is to let this continue.

My second piece has three masks that represent different disabilities such as physical, learning, and mental disabilities. The piece focuses on the term disability and the social stigmas that come along with it. When society thinks of the term disability, they think of something that is weakness, a flaw. A thing that needs to be “fixed.” I wanted to show that behind the label disability, behind the mask of disability is a person, a human being just like you or me.

The third piece represents the overall thrill and adventure when it comes to romance. For lucky cats, some colors have different meanings. The color pink represents romance. I used to be in love with someone. When she died, it changed me. The weight of the pain was unbearable. The black and white triangle patterns in the piece represent disarray specifically how it can change you and make your life seem like a mess. The world can seem dark, but it is filled with love. Everyone is broken. Everyone is beautiful. That is why they are a distorted rainbow. The broken pieces within each of us are our best characteristics and what makes us beautiful as a whole.

Key words:

Visual Arts, Home, Community, COVID-19

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