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Alexis Ward

St. Albans

This series, titled La Comida de Puertorriqueño, consists of 5 traditional Puerto Rican dishes I love that many or most people outside the culture may not be aware of. Here are 3 of the 5: First, we have Arroz Con Gandules y Apollo Guisado, which translates as Rice with Pigeon Peas and Stew Chicken. Then there’s Pastelón, which is like a lasagna but instead of noodles it‘s sweet plantains with picadillo which is ground beef mixed with olives, sofrito and sazón seasoning. Finally, there’s Pastelillos, Puerto Rican empanadas fried and stuffed with meat or cheese. All together, these dishes aren’t just confined to one’s dining room, just anchored to one’s expecting plate. They’re symbolic in being comforting, filling, and evoke a strong sense of pride within the Puerto Rican community and me belonging to that community. These dishes are extensive of togetherness. These dishes are something to look forward to, which is especially needed at the end of each trying day.

Key words:

Visual Arts, Community

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