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Christina Nicola

Bushwick, New York

For artists like myself, life in lockdown makes studio time inescapable. I'm taking this time to create new work for my "Wet Dreams" series, which is inspired by the ocean, ice cream, and black womxn.

Though I'm spending the quarantine in Miami, the beaches are closed. While I usually make it a point to spend as much time in the ocean as possible, for now my art is the only way I can experience it.

Lately, my portraits feature womxn surrounded by the ocean water, surviving amidst the crashing waves. The ocean, like life, can be all-consuming and destructive, yet calming and redemptive should we survive it. I’ve decided to use ice cream in my work as an unexpected symbol of love and lust. Ice cream and dessert, while satisfying, can also become overwhelming.

"Wet Dreams" explores how black womxn navigate these themes while carving out their own identities. As I continue to work on the series, I find that my time in quarantine gives me the opportunity to explore these themes in my own life as well.

Key words:

black art

Visual Arts, Fun, COVID-19

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