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Nancy Paredes

Artist Statement

My photographs and prints find life replicated from our surroundings by observing an object, unveiling it’s mask, and deciphering our emotional bridge to it. By using natural/unnatural debris, personal objects, and kitchen condiments to compose images resembling landscapes, I explore these inanimate relationships that reference storytelling and nostalgia. Using photography and printmaking as a vessel to discover these occurrences, the images composed are reconstructions of memories and dreams, only revealed and preserved by the process. Already on the verge of existence, without photographing it, without the process, without the print, these latent images disappear, left deserted, unseen, and unexplored.


Nancy Paredes is an artist from Queens, NY working primarily in printmaking and photography. She received her BFA from The Cooper Union School of Art in 2015. Raised by Honduran parents, her work reconstructs the memories of her mother’s village into images that universally represent nostalgia and home. By using photography as an image portal and printmaking as a means of manipulation, her images result in a realistic yet imaginary world, revealing the trace of a human hand. In 2019, she was a recipient of the New Work Grant administered by the Queens Council on the Arts. Her grant funded her first solo exhibition “Marbles in the Valley” at the Queens Botanical Garden. In 2020, she was selected as a SU-CASA Artist-in-Residence. She is currently a Printmaking Technician at The Cooper Union School of Art.

(718) 658-7400


161-04 Jamaica Ave,
Jamaica, NY 11432, USA


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